Emergency Dentist Toronto

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Dr. Gary Kaplan

Emergency Dentist Toronto

Are you looking for a
Emergency Dentist in Toronto? You came to the right place!
We will be glad to help. Call now if you have a problem and we will see you immediately!

Bring your kids for a FREE cavities check.


We are confident that your visit will be a pleasant one however, if you have any questions or concerns, please call or drop us a line at any time.
We will answer your questions professionally and promptly.

Kaplan Dental – Emergency Dentists Toronto has been Managed for 25 years by Dr. Gary Kaplan, in the heart of Little Portugal, in Toronto just on Dundas St West, between Ossington Avenue and Dufferin Street.

We are proud to provide a world class facility for dental treatments such as bridges, crowns, dentures, advanced restorative dentistry and also for regular dental problems like cavities, gums, extractions and others. Our team of qualified professionals and our clinic offers an exclusive and integrated service, with the continuous search for the improvement of the quality of life of its patients. Our clinic has modern offices and the best technology present in dentistry for your safety and comfort.

If you require an emergency and immediate consultation, please call us. Sometimes a broken tooth can wait but, not a sore tooth. In most cases a sore tooth is hiding another and becomes a painful problem resulting in a root canal or even an infection. We do not offer 24 hour services but if you do have some kind of pain, please call and come immediately. We will arrange an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Kaplan as soon as possible.

Call us now.  Don’t worry we are here to help you.

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    Emergency Dentist in Toronto – If you are in pain, call now!
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