Dental Cleaning Check up

Dental Cleaning & Check-up

Dental cleaning is done by a Dentist or Dental Hygienist.
It differs from daily cleaning because it is made from specific materials and products found only in dental offices.

In addition, the professional cleans each tooth individually and the innermost and deep part of the gum, which makes it more complete, detailed and refined and therefore sought after by those who want to keep their mouths healthy and clean.

Checking Mouth Cleaning

The goal of prophylaxis is to maintain a healthy mouth and to avoid risks of periodontal and oral diseases.

A second goal of cleaning by a dentist is precisely the professional follow up. Suspected caries or maladaptive dentures, for example, would be promptly resolved.

Check-up with Complete brushing

If the professional still finds it necessary, a complete brushing will be done with a toothbrush similar to an electric toothbrush, but only used by professionals. A toothpaste also found only in dental offices and flossing is also used.

Cleaning with Fluorine

The application of fluoride is the last procedure. Its function is to maintain freshness of the mouth and to return minerals, besides fortifying the teeth.

How often Cleaning should it be done?

The frequency of prophylaxis varies depending on each case. The most common is that it is done every six months.

In cases where the dentist perceives a greater accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar, a greater frequency may be indicated: every three months, for example. And in opposite cases, prophylaxis can be done once a year only.

But do not worry, your dentist will know what’s best for you. But do you know how often you should visit the dentist?

Taking Care

It is important that the patient, once leaving the dental office after prophylaxis, wait for one to two hours to feed or drink again to let the fluoride penetrate and act longer.

Prophylaxis in no way replaces everyday home-based oral hygiene care, so the use of your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss should continue right after each meal.