teeth-whitening toronto

Teeth Whitening

teeth-whitening toronto

You have brushed your teeth, flossed and finished with a rinse aid. You have strictly followed every step of oral hygiene, but, realize that your smile is still not the same.

There is a solution to this: TEETH WHITENING.

At the time of doing the procedure some doubts like “Is it safe? Can I do it? What are the risks?” arise. Do not worry! Let’s put an end to these questions and give some treatment tips with the help of an expert on the subject.


Home bleaching requires patience because it takes longer to get results compared to the office-based method.

It is done with the aid of a silicone tray filled with a whitening gel and has to be applied every day for three to four weeks or according to the dentist’s guidance.


This method is done exclusively in the dental office, using a gel with a higher concentration of whitening active.

“This technique is without contraindication and nowadays, there are already effective products with excellent results,” he says. The laser treatment brings effects more quickly and can take from 1 to 3 sessions to get the expected result, this will depend on the degree of stains on the teeth.


Bleaching can not be done, for example, in people who have tartar, dental plaque, or bleeding gums. Being free of these oral problems, anyone dissatisfied with the color of your smile can do it.

But there are some restrictions like any dental procedure, as strengthened by the dentist. “Everything will depend on the oral and radio-graphic exams the dentist will perform.” If the result is satisfactory, he will be able to perform the treatment.


In the case of very young patients the treatment should be indicated with caution so as not to run the risk of affecting the dental pulp.

However, future mothers can wait until the end of gestation, since there is insufficient data to prove the safety of the procedure for pregnant women.

So it’s best to avoid it. For those who have many dental restorations or prostheses, they should be advised of the need to redo the work after bleaching since the teeth will brighten and restorative materials will not. Stay tuned!


Both methods will give you great results. What changes is the procedure and its time of accomplishment, but it is necessary to count on the help of a professional.

However, many dentists indicate that for an excellent result, the association of the two formats is recommended. Talk to your trusted professional and determine the best way to do this bleaching.


Just because your teeth are white does not mean they do not need care. “For this to last a long time it is necessary to make a change in personal habits”, guides the expert in the subject.

– Avoid excess food containing dyes such as coffee, soda, wine or ketchup and invest in healthy foods instead of the industrialized ones.

– Consult your dentist for periodic reviews.

– Maintain oral hygiene after every meal.


There is a complete hygiene line for a whiter effect on your teeth. Whitening action toothpaste enriches your cleaning by keeping your smile whiter, promoting cleanliness in up to three dimensions and polishing the tooth surface.

The toothbrush has flexible sides that adjust to the curves of your teeth, including hard-to-reach places, and a polishing rubber that helps remove up to 90% of the surface spots on your teeth. And do not forget to supplement with dental floss and rinse aid. Your smile will be different!

teeth-whitening toronto