Broken Tooth

A broken tooth usually causes a toothache, infections, changes in chewing, and even problems in the jaw, and should therefore always be evaluated.

If the tooth breaks or becomes cracked after a fall or accident, which usually causes some bleeding in the gums, what should be done is to stop the bleeding by placing a wet gauze in cold water on the spot and to press for a few minutes. This is usually effective and controls the bleeding within a few minutes, but it is still sensible to go to the dentist to restore the tooth.

What to do in case of a broken tooth

After stopping the bleeding you should place an ice cube on the affected spot or suck a popsicle to prevent swelling of the mouth. Also, it is important to rinse your mouth with cold water and avoid passing the toothbrush at the bleeding site. It is also not recommended to use mouthwashes because they can aggravate the bleeding.

Then, evaluate the affected tooth to see if it is cracked or broken:

1. If the Broken tooth is cracked or broken:

Even if it is a milk tooth, the dentist may advise that a restoration is made because the broken tooth is more difficult to clean and favors caries and plaque.

2. If the Broken tooth has fallen:

If it is a milk broken tooth: If the tooth has really come out completely, it is not necessary to put another tooth in the place because the loss of a primary tooth does not cause any change in the position of the teeth or difficulties in speech. And in the correct phase, the definitive tooth will be born normally.

If it is a definite tooth: wash the tooth only with warm water and place it inside a glass with cold milk or in a container with the person’s own saliva and go as quickly as possible to the dentist to try to re-implement the tooth in the mouth, which can happen at most 1 hour after the tooth has fallen. Understand when the dental implant is the best option.

3. How to Restore a Broken Tooth

The treatment to restore the broken tooth will depend on which part of the tooth has broken. When a definite tooth breaks beneath the bone line, the tooth is usually extracted and an implant put in its place. But if the definitive tooth has broken above the bone line, the tooth can be devitalized, rebuilt and carry a new crown. If the broken tooth only affects the tooth enamel, the tooth can be reconstructed only with composites.