root canal treatment ( endodontic treatment )

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal treatment is usually indicated when there is advanced caries.

In addition, dental trauma can also lead to canal treatment to recover the health of the tooth, prevent extraction and avoid even more serious problems.

If I do the Root Canal Treatment, will I feel pain?

Endodontics is the specialty that treats the canal, as it is responsible for the study of the dental pulp. Nowadays it is possible to have a much quieter service than the ones your grandparents told you.

Now we have the electronic microscopes, which triple the accuracy in access and clearance of the channels and also the devices to fill, taking the chosen folder and the rubber with much more efficiency and final quality of the treatment.

What happens in a Root Canal Treatment?

The tooth will have to be opened so the dentist can remove the infected toothpaste. The next step is to thoroughly clean and disinfect the canal which will later be filled by a proper material responsible for protecting the tooth.

The treatment time will vary. Everything can be resolved in a single day or it can take from three to four sessions. This will also depend on the extent of the injury and how its roots have been compromised.


Myth or Truth? of Root Canal

– Does the tooth need to ache to give rise to the need for canal treatment?

Myth! Although inflammation in the pulp usually causes pain, it may not appear and even then, it is necessary to do the treatment of the canal. Therefore, scheduling appointments every six months with the dentist can help you discover problems before they even manifest themselves. The sooner it is discovered, the better it will be to heal it.

– Does canal treatment darken the tooth?

Truth! “The appearance of blemishes depends on the history of the lesion and the technique was chosen to treat, as well as the material chosen,” However, uniting the operative microscopy with the new techniques and tools of obturation, the chances of the patient to have stains in the teeth after the treatment channel has diminished enough.

– Can the treated tooth be again problematic?

Truth! If the tooth has been badly treated, fractured, or has been traumatized, it is possible that it is again a cause for concern and a headache. In this case, the treatment of the canal works like a mini surgery.