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Do you require a dental bridge or crown? Kaplan Dental Clinic at Dundas and Ossington in West Toronto is happy to assist you.

Bridges & Crowns

If you think you may need a Bridge or Crown procedure, book your appointment with us.

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What are Dental Bridges & Crowns?

Dental bridges and crowns are fixed prosthetic devices used often to replace missing teeth by 'bridging' the gap between the missing teeth.

Bridges are most commonly used to cover a space caused by many reasons on one or several missing teeth. The bridge is cemented to a remaining natural tooth or implant that surrounds the space where a tooth once existing that now requires covering.

Crowns, in contrast to bridges, are commonly used to entirely cover a tooth that has been damaged or may also be used to cover an implant when needed. A crown makes the tooth look more aesthetically pleasing and can help protect it from further damage.

Bridges & Crowns | Kaplan Dental Clinic
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